If you need a good licensed lawyer to help with an arrest, a criminal case or a civil case in Thailand, then American businessman Drew Noyes and his Team of Thai Lawyers in Pattaya are the ones to contact. Since 1998, One Stop Legal Service staff have been helping foreigners in Thailand in mediation settlements, divorces, civil court, criminal court, at the police station, at Immigration and in consultations at the One Stop Legal Services Offices on Pattaya Thepprasit Road.

Some of the legal services available in English at the Pattaya Thepprasit Road law office are:

Divorce in Thailand
Get married in Thailand
Retire in Thailand
Get a Will for Thailand
Buy a home in Thailand
Bail bonds
Settle partnership disputes
Get a work permit in Thailand
Get a one year visa in Thailand
Start a Thai Company, Limited
Open or Buy a Business in Thailand
Help with any Thai government permits
Get yourself or others out of jail in Thailand
Use our lawyers for civil cases in Thailand
Use our lawyers for criminal cases in Thailand

American Drew Noyes is the Managing Director
of the Law Firm One Stop Legal Service in English

American Drew Noyes and the 17 professional Thai staff members of One Stop Service Center offer their legal services  to you in English.

Meet with Drew as the Case Manager and he will direct his staff of  nine registered Thai attorneys, five bi-lingual paralegals and three court certified translators to solve your legal issues. 

Since 1998 Drew Noyes in Pattaya Thailand has provided legal services for foreigners in Thailand in English using mediation and when necessary litigation to get excellent results.

One Stop Legal Service  law firm can help you do business in Thailand, get married, divorced, make a legal will, buy and sell real estate, sort out visa problems and win court cases in Thailand. 

One Stop Service Center Co., Ltd.'s One Stop Legal Division solve problems before and after! Protect yourself by contacting One Stop now.

Complete the form below 24-hours a day for faster service or call 084.111.7999 or 038.301.050 during office hours. Email Drew@PattayaLawyers.com

80% of One Stop Legal Service Clients are referrals or repeat Clients.
One Stop for visas, business set up, work permits, marriage, Wills, divorce,
contracts to purchase or sell condos/houses/shop houses/land/businesses,
settle contract disputes, win civil, criminal and family law court cases, and much, much more.


Drew Noyes and his team of Thai lawyers, paralegals and translators celebrating a major victory with a client after court.

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Knowledge is power. This brief news video above (Click arrow to view) reports on a major law seminar led by Drew Noyes of One Stop Legal Services (formerly PAPPA Law). The "Insight Into the Criminal Proceedings for Adults in Thailand" seminar was attended by 400 foreigners at Pattaya City Hall. The Moderator was Drew Noyes and the panel was comprised of four sitting judges and the Chief Judge of Chonburi Province.

Chief Judge Pisit Of Chonburi Provincial Court says in the video in English, "Foreigners have the same rights as Thais in the Thai judicial system."

Drew Noyes says, "We know this to be true, Your Honor; we don't trust 
the Thai police much, but the judges are very fair when good lawyers show strong evidence."  One Stop knows how to win cases.

Pattaya Mayor Ittipol Kunplume participated in the law seminar for foreigners in English. ThaiVisa.com streamed the entire seminar live to thousands of foreigners eger to know they, too have legal rights in Thailand.

One Stop Legal Service in Pattaya Thailand is a well-respected, American-managed firm with Thai lawyers, paralegals, mediators, investigators, translators and English speaking advisers protecting every legal aspect for foreigners ANYWHERE in Thailand.

One Stop Legal Service can solve all legal and business problems.

Use the Contact form below for a free 15-minute consultation to explain your situation and receive solutions and the total costs involved so you can make an informed decision. Fast service. Fast solutions.

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You came to Thailand. You fell in love. You bought a home in the name of your Thai girlfriend. Now the love has died and you want it back!  

One Stop Legal Service can help you get back your assets.

In the video below a wealthy, and highly successful foreign Investor endorses the services of American Drew Noyes as Managing Director of the law firm One Stop Legal Service in Thailand for straight answers, exceptional advice and successful  formation of companies, purchasing real estate and assets as well as preparing excellent contracts to assure understanding and completion of services and transactions, both personal and business related. 

Once the love is gone often so are the assets like the bank account and home titled in the name of the Thai girlfriend or wife. One Stop Legal Service can help you get back your assets.See this video for a real life story of getting his house back which was in the name of his Thai girlfriend.

One Stop Legal Service will set up a new Thai Company Limited for you in as little as three business days.

In this brief video below a British businessman and his Thai partner explain how Drew Noyes and One Stop Legal Service has helped him in so many ways to be successful in Thailand.

  • Get married in Thailand within days.
  • Get divorced in Thailand within days.
  • Get property or other assets you paid for back from a Thai person in Thailand without problems later.
  • Open a new Thai Company Limited you control.
  • Safely buy an existing business in Thailand and transfer ownership, assets and venue into your control.
  • Obtain proper licenses for construction, opening a bar, restaurant, massage parlor or any business.
  • Make a Last Will & Testament in Thai and English
  • Make a Prenuptial Agreement to protect your assets before marriage.
  • Contract review
  • Contract preparation in legal form for partnerships, loans, leases, purchase and sale agreements
  • Representation at Land Office
  • Place mortgage on any property in Thailand so you have "ownership" until repaid
  • Stay out of jail.
  • Litigation, mediation services
  • Translation services
  • Civil cases in Thailand
  • Criminal cases in Thailand
  • Visa to stay in Thailand
  • Visas for a Thai to visit other countries
  • Work permit in Thailand
  • Clear Visa Overstays
  • Help in buying a house, condo, land, boat or car

American Drew Noyes and his team of Thai lawyers, translators and paralegals have helped thousands of foreigners with legal and business problems in Thailand in English. Use the contact form for more information.

About Us
One Stop Legal Services advisers  mediators, translators and lawyers are experienced, highly qualified, and discreet professionals with excellent references and a broad range of experience helping foreigners in Thailand with family law, civil law suits, filing criminal cases and arrests.

The One Stop Legal Services team is Thailand's leader in solving problems through mediation and compromise. We provide fast and easy divorces, assist with property purchases, sales or property dispute resolutions between foreign men and Thai women, provide visas for foreigners to stay in Thailand and for Thais to travel, offer Thai company formation and all the legal needs of foreigners in Thailand.

We specialize in getting property you bought and put in a Thai name back for you.

See more by clicking this link: 
get property in a Thai name back!

We have 16 years of experience in Thailand to help you with legal issues, start a business, get married or divorced in Thailand, buy or sell real estate, make a Will or any legal document. 

Contact us now.

Drew Noyes and One Stop Service Center Co., Ltd. Legal Services Division helped a Brit working offshore, but living in Thailand get his house back once the love was gone and remain cordial with his ex-girlfriend. See the 24 second testimonial of how easy and fast it was!


Drew Noyes and One Stop Service Center Co., Ltd. Legal Services Division got this man divorced from his estranged wife of 3 years and married to his girlfriend all within a matter of weeks. CLICK the arrow above to see how!

Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results from the lawyers, mediators, translators and advisers at One Stop Legal Service with offices in Bangkok and Pattaya. We handle cases anywhere in Thailand.

"My AU $600,000 boat was stolen in Thailand and Drew Noyes and his legal team got it back for me!" -- Cpt. James C. Britt, Melbourne Australia

"I fell for a bar girl and bought a house in her name. When the love died she kicked me out of MY house. One Stop Legal Service convinced her to sell the house and I got most of my money back. Thank you One Stop Legal Services" -- Mark Bruell, Bangkok

"All I wanted was a divorce from my Thai wife and no other law firm could get it done, until, that is, I went to One Stop Legal Service on Thepprasit Road in Pattaya. Now I'm a single man again." Andres Kingman, Pattaya Thailand

" I bought a condo off the plan and gave 30% of the purchase price. Three years later I paid almost the entire 4.7 million baht but the condo was not completed. Drew Noyes and his team helped me get my money back when no one else could!" Steve Barkley, London

This is what a marriage certificate in Thailand looks like. If you were issued one then you are legally married.  If you ever divorce you need to return this document to the Chief of District Office.


One Stop Legal Service Office is on Pattaya Thepprasit Road Soi 3 just 150 meters from Sukhumvit Road. The Night Market is in front of the office on weekend evenings. The building is called Karn Keha Tower 1 ground floor.

Short YouTube video about One Stop Legal Service and Drew Noyes helping this US Department of Defense retiree sort out his Last Will & Testament in Thailand so it is legal and binding on his estate and all of his heirs in Thailand and in the USA with minimal tax consequences.

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